【Inspiration * Wedding】Recommended wedding venues, is there a place you like?


Guadeloupe wedding

Guadeloupe is a place based on Paris, France, is an island, east is Atlantic ocean, west is Caribbean sea, it has tropical rainforest climate, around 26 degree in the whole year.


Soak up the sun, romp in the clear blue water and enjoy the Creole culture that is such an important part of the Caribbean, because of the shape, Guadeloupe also called butter-fly island, it has very much to offer, lush, tropical mountain scenery or excellent beaches (many with different colored sands)- you can enjoy all of them, and in Guadeloupe, a wonderful gourmet meal prepared by internationally trained chefs or shopping for clothes from Paris designers you can find it all on beautiful Guadeloupe, holding wedding in Guadeloupe can be an enjoyable trip, and impressive in your whole life.


Santorini Wedding


 Santorini is a mysterious, ancient and exotic island. Delicate villages, beaches with soft sandy, domed churches, beautiful scenery, sky-blue Aegean sea, magnificent volcanoes with the largest diameter crater in the world, and romantic sunsets, every corner of the island radiates an atmosphere that will impress your lifetime.

Santorini is the most beautiful island in the whole Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has attractive scenery, rich historical background, suitable for the atmosphere of the city people, wonderful night, as well as the island to bring visitors the supreme service enjoyment, it is always sending out its unique charm.


Although Santorini is an small island, but each corner of the island has its own romance and mystery, if you persue a Romantic wedding, Santorini is really the best choice.


Maldives wedding


If you want to hold wedding in Maldives, you can choose beach wedding and church wedding, but most weddings in Maldive are mainly on the beach, because the blue sky and white cloud are fantastic.Generally, beach wedding can be in the morning and in the afternoon, but the best time is 4 o 'clock in the afternoon. Because the sunshine, weather, sea are most beautiful in 4.00p.m.  Maldivian wedding is based on flowers, and local plants, they will used on special wedding decorations. Most of the flowers were sent from Male, the capital of the maldives, to the hotel for decoration, plus some flowers on the island. Mostly recommend the wedding drummers, they are several local residents drummer wearing local ethnic costume, playing local cheerful music, the whole atmosphere immediately cheer up. After the ceremony, there was a drummer who invited the couple to dance with them. The dance was not restricted to what kind of dance and what kind of dance style. Actually Maldivian beach wedding gives me the feeling is, freedom, romance, and happiness.

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