Learning, Action and Reflection


Learning, Action and Reflection

- Summary of the the fifth phase of the Foshan City Internet Private Board of Directors

Malcolm Knowles defines adult education as “the art and science that helps adults learn.” He believes that adult learning has five characteristics. First, learning must be relevant and valuable to his work or life. They tend to be self-directed and want to have a sense of control over their own learning. Adults have a rich life experience and can be used as a resource for learning. In general, most adults have the inner motivation to learn, they just need to find their motivation. The learning method of adults is problem-centered and they hope to apply it immediately.


These characteristics are fully reflected in the learning and development model of the private board. On May 23rd, XYM Furniture hosted the fifth phase of the Foshan City Internet Private Board of Directors to reflect on our own problems and get effective solutions through exchanges and mutual learning with entrepreneurs across industries in order to achieve self-breakthrough, self-improvement, and achieve the our growth goals.


The exchanges between different industries have provided us with diversified ideas and opened up our horizons. Through the collision of ideas from different industries and backgrounds, it can largely enrich the perspective of solving problems and improve the scientific nature of decision-making. Through the sharing of life experiences and insights, we can relieve stress, clear our direction, and continue to gain the energy of advancement.


The learning model of the private board has gradually gained favor from Chinese companies since 2013. Especially for today’s fast-growing Internet era, it is an important habit for companies to think. Through the participation and study of the private board of directors, XYM Furniture exchanges and discusses with the executives of all walks of life, reflects on ourselves, makes progress, and draws a plan to improve, thus strengthening our development pace firmly.


Whether it is the construction of the team or the management of the products, XYM Furniture will constantly improve own regulations and strategies, persist in innovation, surpass ourselves, and uphold our mission to provide better service to our customers and bring more competitive products.

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