【Thanksgiving Day】It is time to say thanks



The origin of Thanksgiving Day can be dated back to the beginning of American history, and it originated from the early immigrants of Plymouth, Massachusetts.There was no fixed date for Thanksgiving at first, and was decided by the states of the United States. It was not until 1863 after the independence of the United States that President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday. In 1941, the US Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November every year as "Thanksgiving Day."

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In the US, like the Spring Festival in China. On Thanksgiving Day, thousands of people, no matter how busy they are, have to reunite with their families and enjoy a sumptuous holiday dinner together. People also go to churches to pray for thanksgiving in accordance with the custom. Disguised parades, theater performances and sports competitions are held everywhere in cities and towns. Schools and shops are also closed as required.


In Canada, people are mainly grateful for the successful harvest given by God. This special day is mainly to be celebrated for a good harvest. Thanks to nature and God for the abundant sunshine and nectar. Let the grain grow as the theme of gratitude. There is no religious color. Therefore, Thanksgiving in Canada is earlier than the United States, and the celebration is scheduled for The second Monday in October.

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Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that Americans attach great importance to throughout the year. It is very rich in food, and turkey and pumpkin pie are essential on the table. Our main product chiavari chairs are usually used as dining chairs in the Thanksgiving dinner party. They look very warm and suitable for family gatherings.


Thanksgiving Day is a happy celebration, a time for family reunion and a time for renewing friendship. This is also the meaning of Thanksgiving. Hope you can enjoy this lovely Day.

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