How to choose suitable sofa?


The sofa in the living room occupies half of the space. It is responsible for the appearance of the living room. When choosing a sofa, you need to pay attention to the color and style of the sofa. If you dont understand the classification of sofa styles, you can match the sofa to the best condition. Today, Ruyu Deshui Soft Decoration Consultant will introduce you to the classification of sofa styles!


French Settee small sofa


Commonly seen in the French Louis XIV style living room, the design is exquisite, formal and full of 3D. The deliberately exposed curved wooden frame forms a sharp contrast with other fully upholstered sofas.


Slipper sofa


The feature of Slipper is that there is no armrest, and the soft case fits tightly, which looks smooth, light and modern. Sitting for a long time is not as comfortable as other sofas, but it is very suitable for small spaces.


Chesterfield sofa


Originated from the British design in the 19th century, with tight cut lines, tall backrests, curled armrests and nail details. The leather Chesterfield is rough and bold, the shiny wool style is very neo-classical, and the linen texture is more refined and elegant. But no matter what fabric is used, choosing a solid color without flowers can maintain its original flavor.

Chesterfield sofa.jpg


Camelback sofa


Originated from the British designer Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century, this design brings the sophistication and sophistication of Old World, with pure color linen as the fabric, which looks modern and modern. It can also be changed to a removable and washable seat cover to facilitate modern families.

Camelback sofa.jpg

Tuxedo sofa


The classic work of decoration design master Billy Baldwin, the design is completely unwrinkled but still exudes a sense of luxury. The armrest and the backrest are exactly the same height, giving people a strong and rough feeling. Whether it is modern or classic style, Tuxedo sofas can match any style.


Knole sofa


Named after a residence of King Henry VIII, the style is very classic, making people feel warm and well-kept. The tied armrests on both sides can be laid flat, allowing people to lie down comfortably.

Knole sofa.jpg


English Three Seater sofa

It looks a little messy, but it reveals a noble atmosphere. This classic British country style has soft and comfortable cushions and lower armrests. It is perfect to lazily rely on watching TV.


Our company provides styles: multifunctional sofas, modular sofas, practical sofas, etc.

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