【Arbor Day】Tree planting and afforestation for sustainable development


March 12th is the Chinese Arbor Day. The fundamental purpose of the Chinese Arbor Day is to protect forests and plant more trees. So today let's talk about the meaning of tree planting.

The growth of every big tree has a considerable positive effect on human society. Some scholars abroad have calculated the ecological value of trees: a 50-year-old tree is worth about US$31,200 to produce oxygen; the value of absorbing toxic gases and preventing air pollution is about US$62500; the value of increasing soil fertility is about US$31200; The water source is worth 37,500 US dollars; the breeding grounds for birds and other animals are worth 31,250 US dollars; the protein produced is worth 2500 US dollars. Excluding the value of flowers, fruits and wood, the total value created is approximately US$196,000.


Clusters of woods can play a very good role in protecting the ecosystem. Compared with bare land, one hectare of woodland can store at least 3000 cubic meters more water. The water storage capacity of 10,000 mu of forest is equivalent to a reservoir with a construction cost of more than 10 million yuan and a water storage capacity of 1 million cubic meters. Some experts predict that if the earth loses forests, about 4.5 million biological species will no longer exist, 90% of the fresh water on the land will flow into the sea in vain, and humans will face serious water shortages. The loss of forests will increase wind speeds in many areas by 60% to 80%, and hundreds of millions of people have lost their lives due to wind disasters.

XYM Furniture advocates that XYM Furniture's colleagues plant a tree, a grass, and a flower on the Arbor Day to make our world a better place.

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