【Special Discount】Free Tent and Trolley, do you want them?


As we know, March means vitality in some countries. 2020 Affected by the global epidemic, the hotel furniture industry has been hit hard. 2021, at the beginning of the Year of the Ox, everything will recover, and even be better. I believe that March of this year will bring us something new and power. Therefore, we Xinyimei company also hopes to rely on our own meager strength to bring a ripple to the recovery of the hotel furniture industry.


As long as you place an order in this month, buying chairs or other products of our company, we will not only give you discounts, but may also give you practical useful gifts--

* Get a free useful trolley for order more than $4,700

* Get a free dome tent for order more than $16,000


Trolley: It can provide people with great convenience in big or small gatherings such as banquets and parties. When you need to transport a lot of chairs, a trolley although with two sturdy wheels and small size can save a lot of effort for the staff. As a gift, the chair is also produced by Xinyimei following high standard. We will not deal with our products carelessly just though we want to send them out for free. We only strive to satisfy our customers with the greatest efforts and always adhere to the principle of "client first, quality first".


Tent: It is widely used in outdoor parties or some commercial exhibitions. The stable hexagonal design can stand firm even when placed outdoors in harsh environments. The overall size is as large as: 2.4m * 2.4m*2.6mH. In the center of the tent, 6-7 people can stand at the same time. The wide platform allows people to place items. The knock-down design facilitates storage for reuse.


So, do not hesitate anymore and just message us for more detail!

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