Team Traveling


Team Traveling

We made it! We won!


March is a magical and challenge month. Everything goes booms at this month.


Our company took part in Foshan Competition held by Alibaba. We achieves our goal 2.2billion successfully, we even created a better result as we expected before March. Everyone tried our best to get the best result at that time. The final reward is league building model after we achieve the goals.


Here we come to the famous view Tianzishan in Qingyuan! It is really a good place for league building model.


We could go hiking and enjoyed the attractive view in the mountains. Fresh air, clear stream, green trees, marvellous waterfall, and some artificial building let us feel in the fairyland.  High-altitude swing, hundred meter dynamic tunnel and stimulating high glass tower made us forgetting all trouble and marvellous.


At night, we enjoyed BBQ. We prepared all kind of food together in advance. On the BBQ party, we can choose anything we like. Everybody prepared their special dish and share with others. Just like our work team, every one have their unique skill and help each other. We sing, we danced, we cheered up. And we talked about our personal goal and exchanged some experience and idea. We learned a lot from each other.


On this league building model, we felt relax, energy, and more powerful. Our team become more unity. In the new coming month, we have stricter standards and higher goals for our work. We will devote ourselves wholeheartedly to our work, and devote all our efforts to the goal of the team.And we trust that we will be achieve our final annual goal.It is the meaning of league building model!


Moreover, we will improve our skills to help our customers. We will pay more attention on the quality of goods, sales service, new products, and production. And we will let all of our customers being stronger and stronger in the near future!

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