The Production Process Of Resin Chiavari Chair


 The production process of resin chiavari chair:


1.Selection of materials:We use high quality imported raw PC material and Color material,this is the basis of  ensuring product quality.


2.Palette color:We customize the palette color according to the color requirement of resin chiavari chair,and mix all the materials,blending colors and raw materials,this is a very important production process for make the product color natural symmetry.


3.Drying materials:Use a dryer to dry raw materials, to make sure the mix colors and materials can make a high quality resin chiavari chair.


4.Select the mold: Determine the mould of resin chiavari chair, which is one of the important production process, because different molds are used for different products.


5.Injection molding:Use imported injection molding production line for resin chiavari chair,the molten PC is injected into the resin chiavari chair mold by pressure,and the PC parts are cooled and molded to get the desired PC parts.

6.Finalize the design:Air dry naturally is used to set the shape.


7.Quality inspection:Professional quality inspectors check the quality of resin chiavari chair,strictly control product quality and sort out the non-conforming product to ensure high quality products.


8.Packaging:From professional packaging workers to professional quality inspection personnel  screening out of the high quality resin chiavari chair to package.

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