Special For Lovely Children



June 1st is International Children's Day. As We all know that angel babies are the most precious gift God brings us, especially for a family.

The origin of International Children's Day: In 1949, the International Democratic Women's Federation held a board meeting in Moscow. In order to protect the rights of children from all over the world to survival, health care and education, and to improve the lives of children, the meeting decided to set the International Children's Conference on June 1st each year.


The celebration of International Children's Day will bring more joy to  children's childhood, and more importantly, it can make a family atmosphere much happier and relaxed, and bring a special and precious time to family all over the world.


FOSHAN XINYIMEI HOTEL PRODUCT CO.LTD Always keep great attention to children's products on the market, and we have been working hard to produce the best chairs for children.

Here, we introduce to you several popular children's tables and chairs in our company:

1. Transparent resin Children chair;

Texture of material:High-quality imported resin materials.

Service life:Chair can be use  for 5-6 years.

The children's chair is specially suitable for event partiy.

Customerized chair size . make children sit more comfortable.

Matching items: Cushions and table.


2. PP color children's chair;

Texture of material:High-quality PP material.

Colour:Many Children favorite color for choose.


3.Children's plastic chair;

Texture of material:High-quality plastic materials.

Characteristic:Table and chair matching sets;Light weight and easy to move.

Custom size for each age children:

Kindergarten: (3-6 years old)

Elementary school students: (6-12 years old)

Middle school students: (12-16 years old)


All of the above,are the hotsale children's products recommended by XINYIMEI on International Children's Day. I hope you like them. If you love your children, you can  give them the best gift.

Please don't forget to give your child a sincere hug or kiss on such a special holiday.On this special holiday, FOSHAN XINYIMEI FUNITURE hope you can spend a happy and precious time with your children and your family.

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