Special design of metal chair


Special design of chaivari metal chairs are coming again.


For chiavari chairs, they are most suitable for wedding events and party events, because they are very romantic and simple.These new arrival 3 models are continuing to inherit the feature.


There are some special design on these models. According to the theme of “Nature”, the metal chairs are added some of elements about it. There are flowers and glass molding on chairs back. The special design looks natural. Now most of wedding events held outdoors, this kind of metal chairs can be assimilated into the environment and interact with the surrounding flowers and plants, it feels you are on the garden. That will be very romantic.


The metal chair back is in the process of laser cutting, they looks very thin and simple. But there is excellent design, the cured shape can make you more comfortable when seating, you won’t feel stiff as other metal chairs. They can hold on your back carefully.


The reg of chairs are very simple too. They are not following up traditional design as old models with bamboo joint, but they are made of smooth and straight line. The 7 bars metal makes the chairs very steady. But if you like simple design, you can choose 4 bars. Excellent welding finish ensure the chairs to be more durable and stronger.


For these metal chairs, you can choose iron and aluminum material as you like. Iron is suitable to be using indoors, while aluminum is for outdoor using, and it is very light to be moved easily.


Our company dream event will never stop taking more favorite design to you. Bring worldwide new couples a fantastic wedding is our goal all the time. If you are interested in our products, pls feel free to contact us for more design.

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