Happy Thanksgiving to all of you


Thanksgiving day of 2021 is coming, we wish all of you happy Thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving day is a national holiday in the U.S.. Maybe some of you don’t know the origin of Thanksgiving day, let me talk about it. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast which regard as one of the first Thanksgiving celebration in the history. For more than two centuries, thanksgiving day were celebrated by individual states and colonies. In 1863, Prestident Abraham Lincoln announced Thanksgiving Day to be held in November as a national holidy. So Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November.



Thanksgiving custom of family dinner, Everyone follow the custom of thanksgiving dinner custom every year, even through they have a long distance away from home, in this day all the relatives of family will come back home and enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner together. Dinner is usually held at home, It’s also is great time to enjoy “Roasted Turkey” with the family. Thanksgiving is also a day for reunion,family get together to have their dinner and game. Everyone enjoy their thanksgiving holiday.


one of the customs of Thanksgiving Day is sending messages. In this day, pepole will send a message to who have helped you in someway. To people who love you and who care for you, which to express a wish to them. Thanksgiving day is also day to conveying their feeling  in messages or Thanksgiving card. Thanksgiving card is all about bringing smile to each of these persons face with expression of your admiration for them.


In some places, Thanksgiving Day’ custom is helping others. It’s a great time to help people who might not be as lucky as you. Some people provide food to  people who lack of food. Helping others in need can make you feel happy and make others happy.


At last, XYM team wish you and your family happy Thanksgiving and have a nice day.

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