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Today we are talking about the Pre-Shipment Inspection which is a important way to safeguard your rights and interests that you must pay attention in.

Pre-Shipment inspection refers to the inspection of the product before shipment to ensure that the product meets the customer’s quality requirements. Pre-Shipment inspection is the final guarantee to verify that the product fully meets the customer’s requirements. When the product is complex, inspection activities are planned to synchronize with production, which helps to complete the final inspection quickly. Therefore, when various parts are assembled into semi-finished products, it is necessary to treat semi-finished products as final products, because sometimes they can not be separately inspected after assembly.

Pre-Shipment inspection is also called on-line final inspection. Its inspection standard should include inspection items, specifications, inspection methods and so on. Pre-Shipment inspection includes: 

(1) Appearance inspection; (2) Performance inspection; (3) Using life inspection; (4) Specific inspection items; (5) Packaging inspection and other quality control.

Pre-Shipment inspection can be carried out by the customer personally or by a third-party inspection company. Talk to furniture field, if you’re a new furniture buyer who doesn’t know much about the industry, hiring a third party to help complete shipment inspection is a good choice. In our company, if you are a novice in inspection, we can provide you with a set of relatively professional inspection methods for different products to help you understand the products better. 

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Customers who come to the factory to inspect the goods in person

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspection through third party organization

Being confidence in the quality of our products, we always support and encourage our clients to inspection on-the-spot before shipment, in order to reduce their after-sales worries! If you really have no time to check your products, we can offer inspection videos by professional merchandiser tacking in charge of your order.

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