【 Children’s Day 】Give the best care to your dear children


June 1st, also known as International Children’s Day. Children are the future of the country and the hope of a nation. Creating a warm family environment and positive society learning environment for all children to grow up healthily, happily has always been the goal of all countries in the world. The annual International Children’s Day on June 1st is a special festival for children. The innocence of children requires us to care together in all the aspect. As an event furniture manufacturer, we are going to introduce some children’s event furniture today.

Children's Day

Safety is the most important feature of the children furniture. So when choosing tables and chairs for kids, you need to pay more attention to details.

-Ghost chair:

The children ghost chairs are made of 100% environment-friendly resin material. The whole chair design is smooth and not easy to hurt children’s hands. Fitting the ergonomic structure of children, the chair can help to protect children vertebra. Looks like a little ghost, the chair is cute and suitable for different theme party.

Children's Day

-Cross back chair:

Considering the issue of safety, polishing process of a children size cross back chair will be 3 times more than the adult size, and the finished product will be finer and smoother. This is a natural chair usually made of solid wood, a nice choice for outdoor event.

Children's Day

-Chiavari chair:

Chiavari chair as a traditional event chair, it’s popular almost all around the world, the children’s chairs are no exception. Resin chiavari chair is the best choice for children while the metal chair may hurt children more easily. If the chair can be worn with some exquisite decorations, the children who attend the party must be more happy.

Children's Day

-Plastic table:

This children table is design for children specially, it’s common in kindergartens and various children’s activities. The corners of the table are rounded and more friendly to children.

Children's Day

There is a nice feedback of our client who runs a children event centre in Jordan:

children chair1 (1).jpg

children chair1 (2).jpg

Finally, hope all the children in the world can grow healthy and happy International Children’s Day!

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