【Banquet chair】High value VS cheap price


The banquet chair is often purchased for the event rentals or the hotel banquet hall. As it has modern and elegant look, it is becoming more and more popular every year. Because of the great demand for banquet chairs, there are some low-cost and low-quality banquet chairs in the market. Sometimes some clients will ask that why the banquet chairs of other businesses are so cheap.They also want to buy our products at this price. GT Furniture always offer higher quality products at a fair price all along. Our banquet chair is not the cheapest, but our price is reasonable. Our goal is to popularize high quality furniture identification methods and provide practical furniture furniture for clients.


XYM Furniture are manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience. We have a professional team making material market research to purchase the best raw material. The pipe’s thickness of our iron banquet chair is 1.2 mm, and that of the aluminum chair is 2.0 mm, but the pipe’s thickness of the cheap iron chair is 0.8 mm, and that of the aluminum chair is 1.5 mm. In addition, our workers have more than 5 years of experience, they produce high quality chairs with superb welding technology. Our banquet chairs passed SGS test and have CE certificates. We choose to produce higher cost, higher value products.Because they offer the best long-term reliability for our clients.For event rentals, long warranty period will save costs. A beautiful and comfortable chair will make your customers happier.


Our banquet chair is packed in three layers to ensure no damage during transportation. In addition, we will check the entire chair frame before packaging to prevent shipping products that might have defects. This is more costly for us but it cuts down on problems for our clients.


Our professional order follower will provides you intimate service. When there is a new production process, we will immediately inform you and provide photo of the production. From placing the order to receiving the goods, if you have any problems, we will solve them for you at any time. Good service and high quality products make GT Furniture are popular in the market.


If you are considering the quality of the product, you can choose to purchase samples from different suppliers and compare them side by side. Check the quality and details of the banquet chair as well as the service offered by the seller. 


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