XinYiMei Hotel Furniture was founded in 2007. After years of developing, XinYiMei has become an influential supplier in this field. Today, XinYiMei has more than 10 years experience on manufacturing and exporting, specializing in the production of hotel furniture, banquet furniture and outdoor furniture, etc. In 2017, XinYiMei’s Sub-brand ---- GreatTime was established, its function is popularize high- quality furniture identification methods. And provide practical furniture for clients.


In the last 10 years, XinYiMei has served more than 80 countries across 6 continents. XinYiMei upholds first-class product design concept all along, owns advanced production equipment, masters first-class product production process, we can customize furniture for you. High-quality products, caring services, good reputation and other advantages make XinYiMei are popular in the market.


XinYiMei Factory covers an area of 10,300 square meters and is divided into 3 workshops: linen, hardware, and plastic. The workshops cooperate with each other. XinyiMei always strives for perfection in production. From the raw materials care selection, to the high quality control of finished products. All the processes provided the high quality guarantees for XinyiMei's products.


XinYiMei's high standards and strict requirements on the furniture also running through our service. XinYiMei team consisting of more than 100 people has formed a complete quality service warranty system. From the overall planning and design, production manufacturing to the transportation and installation, all the details we will fully consider for you.

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ABOUT PRODUCTION PROCESSFrom production to transport, each detail is considered fully for you.